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BetaHub streamlines the bug submission process, making it easy, fun, and engaging for your players.

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Discord Bot Integration

Easily connect BetaHub's Discord bot to your game's server, allowing players to report bugs directly from their favorite communication platform.


AI-Driven Bug Submissions

Powered by OpenAI GPT, BetaHub automatically generates meaningful bug submission titles and sets priorities, ensuring your team can easily identify and address issues.


Multimedia Submission and Annotation

Submit and annotate screenshots, videos, and log files through BetaHub's intuitive web interface, providing valuable context to help your team quickly resolve bugs.


Game-Focused Platform

BetaHub is designed exclusively for game projects, offering a tailored experience with features and tools specifically built for game developers and testers.

Experience the Benefits of BetaHub

Unlock the potential of your gaming community with these key advantages.

Improve Game Quality

Streamline bug submissions to accelerate issue resolution, enhancing your game's overall quality and player experience.

Engage Your Community

Empower your players to contribute and feel connected, fostering a sense of pride and loyalty within your game's community.

Save Time and Resources

Automate bug reporting and leverage AI-driven insights to focus on game development and growing your community.

How It Works

Get started with BetaHub in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Sign Up & Set Up Your Project

Create your BetaHub account and configure your game project in minutes.

Step 2: Integrate Discord Bot & Overlay

Connect the BetaHub Discord bot and in-game overlay to your game for seamless bug reporting.

Step 3: Invite Your Community

Encourage your players to join your Discord server and start submitting bugs with ease.

Step 4: Watch Your Game Evolve

Resolve bugs, enhance your community experience, and witness the growth of your game.

Unleash the Power of Your Gaming Community with BetaHub.

Sign Up & Set Up Your Project in 2 Minutes
Our Mission

At BetaHub, our mission is to empower game developers and their communities by providing a seamless, engaging, and fun platform for bug submission. We strive to build a service that fosters collaboration, elevates the gaming experience, and accelerates the development process. By bridging the gap between developers, testers, and players, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem where everyone can contribute, connect, and feel valued. Together, we can shape the future of gaming, one bug report at a time.