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Here’s your game’s showcase: curate screenshots, videos, and key details for your players.
Keep players updated: post the latest builds for all platforms in one convenient spot.
Track and prioritize bug fixes with a live list of active issues.
Manage your tester community: see who’s involved and invite contributors.

Bugs Reporting Made Easy

With a Guided Web Interface or...

BetaHub Dashboard
Testers explain; we auto-generate titles, set priorities, and check for duplicates.
Testers detail steps, we streamline replication and debugging for your team.
Immediate feedback encourages testers to refine reports, yielding better data for devs.
Encourage testers to provide visual context, making bug squashing more efficient.
Hardware specifics from testers give you the context for precise debugging.

...Directly From Discord!

Report bugs in a snap — right from your Discord chat.

Players can quickly report issues using the /report command, followed by the bug details.
Discord Bot Integration
The bot does some heavy lifting, searching for duplicates, etc..
Discord Bot Integration
Each report is then automatically titled and prioritized, with a prompt for additional information.
Discord Bot Integration

Unattended Bug Reports on Discord?

BetaHub Bot has got You Covered!

Unattended Reports Collecting on Discord
The AI Bot reads all the messages on your bugs channel.
If anything looks like a bug report, it just adds it to your bugs list!

Integrate with Your Favorite Tools!

BetaHub integrates with popular project management tools like Redmine, Asana, and Jira. This allows you to easily export bug reports to your project management tool of choice.

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Experience the Benefits of BetaHub

Unlock the potential of your gaming community with these key advantages.

Improve Game Quality

Streamline bug submissions to accelerate issue resolution, enhancing your game's overall quality and player experience.

Engage Your Community

Empower your players to contribute and feel connected, fostering a sense of pride and loyalty within your game's community.

Save Time and Resources

Automate bug reporting and leverage AI-driven insights to focus on game development and growing your community.

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Our Mission

At BetaHub, our mission is to empower game developers and their communities by providing a seamless, engaging, and fun platform for bug submission. We strive to build a service that fosters collaboration, elevates the gaming experience, and accelerates the development process. By bridging the gap between developers, testers, and players, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem where everyone can contribute, connect, and feel valued. Together, we can shape the future of gaming, one bug report at a time.