AI-Driven Discord Bot

Meet the next generation of bug reporting discord bots. BetaHub bot utilizes the powerful GPT AI technology to learn, understand, and utilize what your players are reporting on your #bugs channel to submit a meaningful bug report.

Discord Bot Integration

Optionally, use a classic approach to explicitly report bugs using the /report command.

Start your bug report with a simple command and description.
Discord Bot Integration
BetaHub's Discord bot is now processing your bug report.
Discord Bot Integration
Receive immediate confirmation and details of your bug report.
Discord Bot Integration

Enhanced Bug Submission with Live Guidance

BetaHub’s real-time feedback empowers players with an interactive bug submission experience. The "Submission Strength" gauge guides users towards generating high-quality reports, leading to more effective bug resolution.

Duplicate Report Optimization and Heat Metric

With BetaHub, duplicates aren't discarded, they're embraced as valuable data. These, identified by OpenAI's GPT, offer more bug context and validity.

Our unique 'Heat' metric analyses the duplicates, upvotes, and comments, providing clear insights into bug severity and prioritization needs.

Task Heat
AI Powered Bug Submissions
AI Powered Bug Submissions

Automatic Title Generation &
Priority Setting

Our advanced AI understands your bug descriptions and generates appropriate titles and priorities. It’s like adding an intelligent buffer between your community and developers, enhancing communication and simplifying bug tracking.

Detailed Reports Only:
Vagueness Not Allowed

BetaHub's AI ensures that every bug report provides enough detail to be actionable. We encourage your community to be descriptive, and we also step in when needed to maintain quality. Say goodbye to deciphering vague reports.

AI Powered Bug Submissions
AI Powered Bug Submissions

Web Interface for Media Submission and Annotation

Enhance your bug reports with BetaHub's annotation tools. Directly mark crucial details in screenshots, videos, and logs within the bug submission form. This feature fosters clearer communication and ensures efficient bug resolution.

Other Features

BetaHub is packed with features to make your life easier. Here are some of our favorites.

AI-Powered Bug Prioritization

Let AI handle the tedious task of prioritizing your bug reports based on severity and impact.

Real-Time Bug Notifications

Stay updated on bug submissions and progress with real-time notifications.

OpenAI GPT Assisted Reports

Leverage the power of OpenAI GPT in bug report submission and title generation.

Automated Feedback Loop

BetaHub AI interacts with testers to clarify bug reports, improving communication and report quality.

Jira Integration

Connect BetaHub with your Jira workflow for a more comprehensive bug tracking system.

Flexible Reporting Interface

Adapt BetaHub to your needs with a fully customizable reporting interface.

Media Annotation

Add clarity to your bug reports with media annotations directly in the submission form.

AI-Assisted Duplicate Detection

Avoid wasting time on duplicate bugs with AI-powered detection and merging.

Easy Bug Search

Locate specific bug reports quickly with an intuitive search interface and powerful filters.

Our Mission

At BetaHub, we empower game developers and communities with an engaging platform for bug submission. We foster collaboration, enhance gaming experiences, and speed up development. BetaHub connects developers, testers, and players, making everyone feel valued. Shape the future of gaming with us, one bug report at a time.