Collect Feedback with Minimal Human Effort

From your Game

Always with gameplay video, screenshot and log files included.

From Discord

Using a slash-command or automatically, by listening to your community’s chat!

From your Website

Embed a feedback form on your website.

Automatically Record Gameplay Videos and Screenshots

Capture gameplay videos and screenshots along with bug reports from your community. No more guessing or confusion about the issues your players are facing.

Gather additional details, such as performance metrics, logs, and hardware information, to help your team reproduce and fix bugs faster.

Easy Bug Management

Work with a powerful and intuitive web interface to manage your bug reports.

BetaHub Dashboard
AI-driven issue categorization and tagging
Clear, automated titles and combined media files from multiple reports.
Heat indicator showing the most critical issues based on activity and impact.
Occurrence trends based on report volume.
Automatically assigned priorities based on issue descriptions.

Integrate with Your Favorite Tools

BetaHub integrates with popular project management tools like Redmine, Asana, and Jira. This allows you to easily export bug reports to your project management tool of choice.

BetaHub Superpowers

Unlock the true potential of your gaming community.

Improve Game Quality

Streamline bug submissions to accelerate issue resolution, enhancing your game's overall quality and player experience.

Empower Your Community

Allow your players contribute and connect with you, fostering a sense of pride and loyalty within your game's community.

Save Time and Resources

Automate bug reporting and leverage AI-driven insights to focus on game development and interacting with your community.

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Our Mission

At BetaHub, we empower game developers and communities with an engaging platform for bug submission. We foster collaboration, enhance gaming experiences, and speed up development. BetaHub connects developers, testers, and players, making everyone feel valued. Shape the future of gaming with us, one bug report at a time.