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Integrating Discord Bot

June 5, 2023

The Discord bot within BetaHub is one of its core features. After all, the essence of BetaHub lies in community testing, where a gaming community (which predominantly resides on Discord) can easily report bugs.

But the Discord bot is not just for that. It’s designed to serve as a bridge between the tester and the game developer, facilitating two-way communication!

A Warm Welcome!

First and foremost, our bot can greet you warmly! It explains that every community member can actively participate in bug reporting and how to go about it. It also frees you from the rather unpleasant task of searching for duplicates. Duplicates in BetaHub aren’t a bad thing and are treated in a very special way — it’s definitely worth acquainting yourself with!

Bug Reporting

The BetaHub bot allows for easy bug reporting through Application Commands. If a user wants to report something, they should start typing /report, and the Discord interface will display an additional field to enter the bug description.

An important feature is that the error is not merely transcribed into the bug tracking system but is filtered through an AI model based on OpenAI GPT. As a result, the bot can maintain human-like communication and will clearly notify the user if something is off with the bug report.

The report accepted into the system automatically receives a title and a priority level. The user is also encouraged to add screenshots, video files, or game logs to provide more context.

Publishing Release Notes

Another equally important feature is the ability to publish release notes from the latest released version. Every release note written on the project’s page is sent as an announcement to the Discord channel. In addition, users who have contributed to resolving bugs fixed in this release can be mentioned by username to acknowledge their contribution.

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