What is BetaHub and what isn't it?

BetaHub is a bug submission service designed specifically for game developers and testers. It is not an automatic bug submission system, nor is it a standalone Discord bot. BetaHub aims to simplify the bug reporting process by integrating with your community's preferred platforms and utilizing AI technology to help clean and manage submissions.

How does BetaHub compare to other bug submission systems like Jira?

Traditional bug submission systems, like Jira, are built for a wide range of applications and typically used by trained professionals. While there are easier to use systems out there, they often either lack focus, making them more difficult to use, or are not well-suited to handle the intricacies of game testing. BetaHub, on the other hand, is designed specifically for community game testing. It focuses on simplicity and employs algorithms to streamline the bug submission process.

What is so special about BetaHub?

The introduction of GPT has changed the landscape of bug submission. Many existing tools are trying to integrate GPT into their flow, but BetaHub has been designed to work with GPT from the ground up. Thanks to GPT, bug submission reports require significantly less user attention than before. Things like titles, descriptions, and priorities are managed by GPT, creating a unique and efficient bug submission experience.

Does BetaHub cost anything?

BetaHub is free to use during its "Beta" period. After that, we will introduce pricing plans. We can't provide specific details about these plans yet, but we can assure you that there will be a reasonable free pricing plan, so many indie games won't need to pay a penny.

Does BetaHub integrate with other systems?

Yes, BetaHub currently integrates with Jira, and we plan to introduce more integrations in the future.

Where can I report bugs for BetaHub?

You can report bugs for BetaHub on our BetaHub project at https://app.betahub.io/projects/6. For feedback and suggestions, we encourage you to join our discord channel at https://discord.gg/g2wpRtG.

What platforms are supported by BetaHub?

BetaHub is a web-based service, so it supports any platform with a web browser. For bug submission, we provide a Discord bot and a game overlay for easy access.

How does BetaHub handle privacy and data security?

BetaHub takes privacy and data security very seriously. We adhere to industry standards for data protection and have measures in place to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Our Mission

At BetaHub, we empower game developers and communities with an engaging platform for bug submission. We foster collaboration, enhance gaming experiences, and speed up development. BetaHub connects developers, testers, and players, making everyone feel valued. Shape the future of gaming with us, one bug report at a time.